Deja ‘DALLAS’ – Texas-Sized Ratings Trigger Talks for ‘DYNASTY’ Revival!

THE poet said it, and TNT’s smash-hit “Dallas” remake just proved it… “Everything old is new again!”

But as you marvel at the magic re-conjured by J.R., Bobby and Sue Ellen – aka LARRY HAGMAN, PATRICK DUFFY, LINDA GRAY– and ponder why we still sigh for Southfork two decades A.D., brace for my blast-from-the-past super-scoop: TV moguls are already huddled in top-secret talks with tempestuous Denver oil “Dynasty” divas JOAN COLLINS and LINDA EVANS – begging them to get glam again in those magnificent, iconic costumes and scratch each other’s eyes out encore!

Said My Dyna-Spy: “Joan and Linda are really excited about reviving ‘Dynasty.’ The show looks like a definite go as producers work out the details!”

One bittersweet note: Both Joan and Linda are “very sad” that longtime friend and famed fashion designer NOLAN MILLER, who died recently of cancer, didn’t live to see the show’s rebirth.

They believe his gorgeous, ultra-glamorous fashions defined the hit series – and the era!

Stay tuned.