De Niro Weeps As Gandolfini’s Ghost Crashes Wrap Party Of New HBO Series!

In yet another eerie instance of ghostly hauntings at emotional Hollywood moments, star ROBERT DE NIRO stood weeping openly before cast and crew of his new “Criminal Justice” HBO miniseries on the last day of filming – speaking of how beloved pal JAMES GANDOLFINI had originally signed to star and was actually shooting scenes before his untimely death – and then De Niro told his grieving colleagues: “I just wanna say that I really tried to channel Jim into the part…and I hope you guys will forgive me if I get a little emotional here, but…”

Before he could utter another word…zzzzzttttttSMASH!…with a sizzling crack and a deafening bang, a huge studio light exploded, showering the set with glass splinters as people shrieked: “OHMIGOD!”…and, “It’s Jim!…He’s here with us!”

Reports our on-set source: “It was really eerie! This cold blast of air literally blew right past us and then subsided. And at that moment, we all felt Jim was there with us.” In the silent pause that followed, De Niro – slowly peering up into the wings – said softly: “Hey Jim, does that mean you liked what I did…or not?”

(This shocker recalls incidents I reported exclusively…like, CORY MONTEITH’s spirit being sensed by “Glee” star/lover LEA MICHELE and the show’s cast…LIBERACE haunting MICHAEL DOUGLAS and MATT DAMON on “Behind the Candelabra”…not to mention famously jealous “American Idol” ghost Phyllis, eerily causing injury to a staffer, cutting off RYAN SEACREST’s microphone – and blowing smoke up the skirt of JENNIFER LOPEZ…)