Mike Walker

David Hasselhoff Body Shames Hunky Zac Efron

The ‘Baywatch’ co-stars are beach-bod rivals.

David Hasselhoff Zac Efron Baywatch — They Are Beach Body Rivals

Legendary bigger-than-lifeguard David Hasselhoff proved he can still make waves when the 63-year-old 80s icon greeted studly, bare-chested co-star Zac Efron, 28, on the set of their new “Baywatch” movie, eyeballed him up and down like a rival beauty queen — and hissed bitchily, “I had a better body than yours!”

Dished My Surfer Spy: “Zac’s only crime was looking too perfectly buff — and while cast and crew chuckled under their breaths, he stood there looking like David had splashed him with a bucket of cold water! He did not think David meant it as a joke and later told pals, ‘I’m young enough to be his son — somebody should teach that old dude some manners!” Hey Hoff — WIPEOUT! … And how was YOUR week?