Crazy Russell Crowe Near Déjà Vu At BevHills Hotel!

Russell Crowe

Rage-Roid Russell Crowe, kisser kontorted in fury, raced toward the front desk of an LA hotel as a startled clerk braced for … A PHONE FLUNG IN HIS FACE??

Nope, Aussie Crowe did NOT déjà vu his headline-making phone-flinging attack on a hotel staffer that got him arrested years back — but DID toss a trademark temper tantrum triggered by rude guests!

Said My SpyWitness: “Trouble started when Russell, who’d emerged sopping with sweat and looking raunchy after a Beverly Hills Hotel gym workout, tried escaping a rude couple who insisted on SNAPPING A SELFIE! Russell kept growling, ‘No … NO!’ — but the jerks persisted, so he sprinted to the front desk and bitched about that … PLUS noisy hotel groundskeepers waking him at daybreak, ‘So I can’t get a good night’s sleep!’”