Just days before ranting, raving ALEC BALDWIN suddenly deep-sixed his personal Twitter account at the wise behest of new bride HILARIA BALDWIN – as I scooped exclusively – the star fired off a bizarre, last-gasp trio of cryptic tweets that cry out for translation plus analysis…and I’ll pay buck$$ for it!

So, listen up, Gossip Fans…!

Alec tweeted, on his now-defunct Twitter account @alecbaldwin: “She says, over breakfast, ‘You know that K…sucks everyone’s everything, right?’”

Alec’s next tweet was: “If I used K…’s toothbrush by accident, I’d kill myself.” And finally: “Her boobs have a disease.” Say WHAAAT?

Okay, here’s my deal: I’ll pay $150 for the best reader letter that analyzes/answers these questions about Baldwin’s tweets: (1) Who do you think is the “she” speaking to Alec “over breakfast”? (2) Who is the mysterious “K…”? And finally (3), WHAT do Alec’s tweets mean…and WHY did he tweet them? I’ll pay a hundred and fifty smacker$$ for the smartest, funniest and – in my sole opinion – BEST letter explaining the weird workings of Baldwin’s Twitter-brain!

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