Cranky Woody Allen Clucking About Fancy-Schmancy Chicken!

Woody Allen

Dining at LA’s famed Magic Castle with a pal, WOODY ALLEN ordered “plain broiled chicken” for dinner, but the chef – to impress the famed funnyman – ladled on his “special sauce,” plus piggy-piles of veggies!

Said My Magic Spy: “Woody got really upset. All he’d wanted was plain broiled chicken, so he barely touched the meal.

"Later, when one of the Castle’s strolling magicians dropped by to ask how he was doing, Woody cracked: ‘So far, nobody’s made my hunger disappear!’

Then the magician asked Woody for a bill. He handed over a hundred and … PRESTO! … the guy vanished the cash in a flash!

Rolling his eyes, Woody sighed to his pal, ‘I’ll be happy if it reappears as a plain broiled chicken!’”