Fangs For the Memories Dept.: SIMON COWELL’s bark is worse than his bite – but that’s definitely not true for the two sharp-fanged Doberman guard dogs the “American Idol” judge just bought to patrol the grounds of his London mansion… after security guards caught dogged photogs trying to climb his fence! Keeping it simple, Simon uses a special whistle that signals his maneaters to stop an attack – even in midchomp. But when he and a businessman pal popped out to the back garden for a stroll, Cowell heard his watchdogs growling, reached for his whistle… but – SURPRISE! – he’d forgotten to put it in his pocket! Fearing the dogs would put the bite on his guest, Simon shouted for the guy to run for the back door – and his life! With Dobermans in hot pursuit, the terrified guy set a new land speed record and just made it indoors. Now Simon’s got an even simpler plan – he’s hidden several whistles around the property.