Comic Jim Carrey Faces New Horror!

Jim carrey horror ne short

Sudden tragedy struck embattled Jim Carrey AGAIN: Hours after flying back from Ireland and the funeral of former girlfriend Cathriona White, who died by her own hand, the devastated star discovered a close friend/fellow comic had just survived a horrific LA traffic crash that killed his wife — also a longtime Carrey pal!

Said an insider: “SO horrifying that on the heels of Cathriona’s tragic suicide, Jim returns from her tearful funeral to find his pal’s in the hospital and his wife’s dead — crushed under a cement truck!

“Now Jim and his buddy are crying and consoling each other non-stop.

“Everybody’s extremely worried about the star, who’s battled depression before — but is now confronted by overwhelming tragedy that’s triggered his darkest days ever.

“Overcome with sadness, Jim just stares out into the ocean for hours on end!”