Colin Farrell Fires His Irish Up, And Vince Vaughn Craves A Knockdown!

Colin farrell vince vaughn getty photo composite

A temper-fueled flareup between COLIN FARRELL and VINCE VAUGHN nearly ended in a knock-down brawl on the set of their new “True Detective” TV series after they got fired up over … GUNS!!

Like many in America, the stars started arguing pros and cons of U.S. gun laws following the vicious Charleston church mass murder.

Said an on-set source: “The two squared off after Irishman Farrell called Americans ‘daft’ for allowing so many guns to be available to so many. Vince, taking offense at what he perceived to be an anti-American attack, got smack in Colin’s face – telling him he was out of line! It got red-hot when Colin retorted that ‘even your own President agrees with me!’ Vince stands six-five, but much-smaller Colin would NOT back down – the two had to be separated! Cooler heads finally prevailed as the guys agreed to disagree and finished filming.”