Ex-Prez Bill Clinton‘s head over heels in love, ducking his Secret Service shadows and disappearing for secret walks in the woods to hug, kiss and cuddle the sexy honey who’s got him all hot and bothered again . . . Hillary! Tongues started wagging in Chappaqua — the Clintons’ rural NY hometown — after folks kept spotting Bill and Hill holding hands and necking like love struck newlyweds in secluded countryside and wooded areas. “It’s no publicity stunt because there are no photographers or press people around . . . it’s the real deal,” revealed a neighbor who’s done his share of lovebird watching. “And it’s the only time you see them without the Secret Service. When you see them around town, they’ve always got their minders with them — but on these outings, they’re all alone!” Townsfolk are saying the Clintons’ once obvious tension has vanished. They act as if their troubles are behind them — and a spark’s been reignited. Said the eyewitness: “Now they look at each other with so much adoration. The Clintons spend a lot of time apart, but absence is definitely making their hearts grow fonder. When they’re together, they’re glowing. They have that look of love!”