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Chris Pratt’s Sexy Big Heart

The actor is the sexiest man alive AND extremely charitable!

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IT’S NOW OFFICIAL: People mag can definitely go screw itself over its miscarriage of showbiz justice I bitched about here months ago — I hereby declare Chris Pratt is absolutely “The Sexiest Man Alive!” (Tell me I’m right, ladies!)

Chris, justly famed for using HIS fame for good — like cheering up sick kids in 10 visits to children’s hospitals this past year — was at Seattle Airport for an LA flight, and chatted with a lady enroute to visit her son, an Afghanistan veteran STILL under VA hospital care in LA for wartime injuries.

Said my source: “Deeply touched after chatting with the lady — who had NO idea who he was — Chris gave her a hug, then slipped up to the airline counter, arranged for HER to get his first-class seat — then bought himself a coach ticket! The lady, none the wiser, was simply told she’d been elevated to First Class! Chris said he smiled all the way back to LA!” Are we smiling, ladies?

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