Mike Walker

Chris Pratt: Anna Faris’ Passion Meets His Self-Love

Actress and hunky superstar husband share mutual admiration — for his butt!

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Mike Walker Reports… GALS may go goo–goo-ga-ga over this Chris Pratt scoop, but guys are bound to barf!

It’s no surprise that “Guardians of the Galaxy” beefcake Chris’s perky wife, Anna Faris, just can’t stop gushing about staring at hubby’s rock-hard derrière for hours.

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But the trouble is, neither can he, giggled his “Mom” cutie to gal pals!

Snitched a Chris Whisperer: “Anna literally said to friends, ‘Chris is in such great shape, even he can’t get enough of himself!’”

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The source said Chris “actually bragged about his bod in a recent internet post, gushing, ‘Like I always said, eating is no longer the fun part — flexing my butt cheeks in the mirror is.

Why? “Because no dimples … no rolls … just cut-ass butt cheeks. LIVE WITH IT!’”