Mike Walker

Charlize Theron Lights Up A Cuban Cigar!

She quit cigarettes but began smoking cigars while in Cuba.

Charlize Theron Smoker — She Quit Cigarettes But Smokes Cuban Cigars

Ms.-Smokin’-hot Charlize Theron battled her nasty, butt-kickin’ cigarette habit for years, finally beating it with the help of hard work, hypnotism and cheer-leading mom Gerda — but their big triumph went up in smoke when Star Hottie suddenly took off for a cray-cray vacay on the long-banned Commie isle of Cuba and immediately started sucking on big, fat, seductive Cuban CIGARS — considered a delicacy worldwide! … (VIVA HAVANA BANANA!) …

Said an insider: “Gerda, totally devastated, is back pleading with her darling daughter to kick this gross habit, swearing to pals that she won’t stop until Charlize stops — again!” (What a drag!)