Charlize Theron Goes ‘Car Wash Crazy’ Encore!

Just nailed ANOTHER “Charlize Theron Goes Crazy in a Car Wash” blockbuster!

Weeks ago, I told you how Glamour Gal nitpicked guys scrubbing her SUV at L.A.’s legendary Sunset Carwash, bitching, “Wax that spot again” and “Re-polish that mirror” — then discovered it wasn’t even her damn vehicle, but an identical twin!

Said My Washed-Up Spy: “This time, Charlize screeched like a cat on a hot tin roof because workers refused her demand for a freebie cleanse. She’s entitled to one free wash after 10 visits, and insisted she’d reached the magic number — but the computer revealed she was still several washes shy. Barked Charlize: ‘WHAT? … No, I’m sure I’m at 10 … I want my free wash TODAY!’ But star treatment took a backseat as the guys stood their wet ground, saying, ‘Sorry — you’ve 5 to go!’ Knowing she was all washed up, Charlize rolled her pretty eyes and paid!”

… And how was YOUR week?