Car-Washers Crack Up Over Charlize Theron’s Rub-A-Dub Flub!

At Hollywood’s legendary Sunset Car Wash, Charlize Theron drove workers NUTS as she turned all persnickety, micro-eyeballing her newly scrubbed SUV and demanding a re-polish of the rims, re-wipe of “water marks” on windows and mirrors — plus total re-vacuuming of her carpets!

Said My Rub-a-Dub Reporter: “You should’ve seen the stunned look on Charlize’s face when a woman stepped forward, thanked the guys for a great job, handed over a generous tip — then thanked Charlize for ‘making sure my car was spit-polish perfect … I should probably tip you, too!’ And that’s when Glamour Gal suddenly realized she’d gotten all cranky about a look-alike SUV that WASN’T EVEN HERS! She got all red and embarrassed — but finally started laughing along with everyone else!”