Brolin Fears Dog’s Bite Less Than Streisand’s Biting Cracks!

James Brolin, Barbra Streisand


BARBRA STREISAND, mortified when her beloved 12-year-old pooch “Sammie” bit a flight attendant on billionaire Ron Perelman’s private plane – slashing the woman’s hand so badly she required stitches – turned bitchy herself when hubby JAMES BROLIN started complaining that he’s now wary of the small dog himself!

Said a family friend: “Barbra brings Sammie – who she calls ‘the daughter I never had’ – everywhere, and it drives James crazy because the little dog is very protective of Barbra, even growling at James when he gets too close.

"It’s a hard way to live around their house, and just one more sore point in a marriage that their friends say is faltering.

"And incredibly, when James groused to his wife that he believes she loves the dog MORE than she loves him, Barbra responded: ‘YOU’RE DAMNED RIGHT!’”