Mike Walker

Britney Spears’ Bizarre Boob Job

Pop diva's plan for an entire upper overhaul!

britney spears plastic surgery breasts boob job
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Mike Walker Reports… Here’s a titillating Britney Spears “titbit” (what the dictionary calls “a small, juicy bit of gossip”) — a shocker I’m dying to get off my chest and keep you abreast of!

It’s the sexy secret that the Perky Pop Tart’s tattling to pals, as she’s boo-hoo’ing that, while her breasts are in tip-top shape, she’s dying to undergo  a major nipple and areola rejuvenating boob job!

That means first re-sculpting her pop-ups, then “spray painting” both nipples to put her in the pink!

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Said My Stand-Up Spy: “Our famous mom of two says she’s sensitive about the size and color of her nipples and longs to have them tweaked to look just like they did when she was a picture-perfect teenager!

“Brit’s already in consultations with medical experts who deal with these cosmetic touch-ups!

“Everything from reversing inverted or flat nipples to increasing, decreasing — and even re-brightening — the color of her pretty-in-pink areolas!”