Talk about a gossip dream come true! Wild Child BFFs BRITNEY SPEARS and LINDSAY LOHAN, missing their hell-raisin’ good old days, are plotting a sneaky sin-dezvous behind the suspicious backs of Swamp Thang’s dad/conservator JAMIE SPEARS and smother-y squeeze JASON TRAWICK – hooking up via Brit’s new super secret cell phone!

“Britney misses the fun and craziness of having Lindsay in her life,” said a source close to the singer.

“Despite Lindsay’s career and legal troubles, Brit wants to rekindle their friendship. So she secretly purchased a pre-paid cell phone – specifically to make secret phone calls to her behind Jason and Jamie’s back.

"If either one found out Brit’s in touch with Lindsay again, they’d flip – but with the pre-paid phone, they can’t track their talks.”

In the ditzy duo’s first secret call, Linds told Brit she was thrilled to be back in touch, and started pumping her about how to rehab her image and jump-start her shaky career – just the way Brit did.

“Britney just loves hearing about Lindsay’s party-hopping in LA and New York – and hanging with fun guys. She really misses the fast-lane lifestyle. She’ll organize a top secret face-to-face when she gets time off from her tour.”

(Hey, gossip fans, can you say…train wreck!)