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OH, BROTHER!! Sorry to deja vu you back to that oh-so-infamous Oscar Night 2000 when oo-la-la ANGELINA JOLIE electrified Planet Earth by French-kissing her brother, JAMES HAVEN (right), but – here we go again, folks! My Spy reports that BRAD PITT recoiled in horror when two-in-the-oven Angie suddenly informed him that…

(WARNING: Stop reading now if you get queasy easy!)

…she’d invited her beloved bro’ to bear witness with them in the birthing room when the Jolie-Pitt angels touch down on Earth!

Shocked to the core by Angelina’s edict, Brad refused – instantly and angrily – triggering a battle royal between the couple, with Angelina insisting that “Uncle Jimmy” should be right there at Ground Zero to experience the emotion of seeing his nieces born, and Brad fuming: It’s just plain WEIRD and it ain’t gonna happen!

Thundered Brad: “He can be there, but not in the room!”

Realizing her man wasn’t about to bend on the issue, Angie finally backed off – and broke the news to sibling James that she’s withdrawing the invitation to join her and Brad in the birthing room.