Blockbuster TV event: LENO & LETTERMAN finally make up – on-air!

Dave stry

Brace for a BLOCKBUSTER, late-night talk fans: JAY LENO and DAVID LETTERMAN are hatching a secret plot to finally bury the hatchet – on national TV!

Bitter enemies since Jay beat out Dave to snag JOHNNY CARSON’s “Tonight Show” crown in 1992, the sharp-tongued stars are suddenly billing and cooing after Dave totally surprised Jay – who’s lost his NBC gig to JIMMY FALLON – when he personally made a back-door, hush-hush offer to kiss and make up once and for all on his “Late Show,” with the whole world watching!

Said My Talk Show Spy: “After blowing a few breezy kisses at Jay on-air, Dave quietly reached out behind the scenes and told him it’s finally time to bury the hatchet and move on.

"CBS execs are going NUTS, knowing the show will be a ratings bonanza! Jay, who’s no dummy, doesn’t want to do anything that’d alienate him from NBC, but he’s giving the idea serious consideration – knowing huge Leno-Letterman ratings will totally piss off those network execs who pushed him out for the younger Fallon.”

WOW! Stay tuned.