Mike Walker

Blake Shelton Gunnin’ For ‘Gunsmoke’ Movie

Gwen Stefani stepping in as Miss Kitty, too!

blake shelton gwen stefani dating gunsmoke
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Mike Walker Reports… There’s a new marshal galloping toward Dodge City, and his name’s … Blake Shelton!

Western fans are thrilling at whispers that “Gunsmoke” — one of TV’s longest running series, with James Arness as Marshal Matt Dillon — will hit the big screen starring country crooner/“The Voice” stud Blake … and luscious squeeze Gwen Stefani!

Secrets Of Blake & Gwen’s Love Shack Gone Bad!

Said My Spy Onda Lotalot: “Tons of movie idols — notably Bradley Cooper and Ben Affleck — are mulling the iconic role, but Blake’s country authenticity, good looks, humor and swagger make him a shoo-in!

“And sexy Gwen — who debuted her movie career in 2004 playing Jean Harlow opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in ‘The Aviator’ — loves the idea of playing hard-ass, sexy saloon owner Miss Kitty (memorably played by Amanda Blake), who famously had the hots for Marshal Dillon!”