Big Serving Of ‘Boo!’ From Paul Newman’s Own … G-G-Ghost!?

Hollywood gets downright spooky when star spirits start wandering down from that Big Studio In The Sky – which is why Jay Leno, Jamie Foxx, Michael Keaton and Danny DeVito leaped out of their celebrity skins as they stared into the makeup mirror of their shared dressing room, saw a famous face staring right back, and shrieked, “OHMIGOD … it’s PAUL NEWMAN!!”

Said my Showbiz Spy: “The four stars were backstage in their communal dressing room waiting to go onstage at a charity fundraiser event for Newman’s ‘SeriousFun Children’s Network’ when they suddenly yelled and jumped back like … well, like they’d seen a ghost! I spoke directly to Danny and Jamie, who swore they saw Paul staring them right in the face! Then suddenly, they heard water start running in the bathroom – but when they ran inside, NO one was there, just the water turned on! Weirder yet, there was a lit candle no one even remembers being there! The guys ran around telling everyone, ‘Paul’s here … he’s watching over us!’ And you know what? … Those Newman fans didn’t doubt it for a second!”