ASHTON CHEATED on anniversary? Try ONE MONTH after wedding!

Celebrity arrivals for the Time's 100 Most Influential People event.
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Celebrity arrivals for the Time's 100 Most Influential People event. Time Warner Central, NYC

Pictured: Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher

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The bombshell revelation by blonde bombshell SARA LEAL – who shocked the world by confessing she’d “had sex twice” with ASHTON KUTCHER – triggered a blast from the past when I recalled that in October 2005, just one month after DEMI MOORE married him, she could have known everything she really needed to know about New Hubby…if only she’d read my world-beating scoop headlined: “Punk’d Ya, Kutcher!”

Remember when pranksters hacked Ashton’s cell phone and posted online a sex-drenched voicemail message from a female?

Ashton’s reps denied all – but I blew the story wide open after listening to another of his messages from a Vegas hotel confirming reservations for “Ashton Kutcher” in the Penthouse Suite.

I phoned the hotel, never uttered Kutcher’s name, recited the confirmation number I’d heard and…BINGO!…the clerk said: “Mr. Kutcher, right?”

Then she quickly stammered:, “Wait… what’s the code word?”…HELLO-O!…That’s how I proved Ashton’s phone had recorded “phone sex” from a salivating babe savoring an alleged intimate encounter with Demi’s new spouse – an unprintable shocker that starts: “Ashton, I was, uh, thinking about last night… You’re something special, Ash! You’re an amazing guy…let’s do it again soon”…HELLO-O!!