This is NOT a dumb blonde joke, but . . . Ashley Olsen, trying to Range Rover her way over Malibu Canyon for a lunch date, was stopped by a police officer at a barricade and told an accident had closed the street. The twinsicle rolled down her window about a quarter of the way and chirped: “Excuse me, but I have to get through the canyon. I’m meeting a girlfriend for lunch and I’m late.” The officer suggested an alternate route, but Ashley whined, “I don’t understand why the street is closed. I really need to get through the canyon.” The cop explained the situation AGAIN but Cutie Pie countered, “Officer, I’m REALLY in a hurry and I just don’t understand why I can’t get through.” The officer struggled to remain a gentleman — but TWENTY cars were now backed up. “What is it you don’t understand?” he fumed. “Maybe you can’t hear me correctly — roll down your window all the way.” She did . . . and he calmly explained: BEAT IT — NOW! And she finally hauled Ashley outta there!