Mike Walker

Archie Bunker’s Jacket — Saved From The Junkyard!

'All in the Family' vintage wardrobe found at estate sale!

archie bunker all in the family

Mike Walker Reports… Wanna buy Archie Bunker’s iconic old plaid jacket — worn on CBS by “All in the Family” superstar Carroll O’Connor for more than a decade?

Well … you can’t buy it, said the stubborn lady who snagged the grungy old schmatta at a Malibu garage sale for a measly ten buck$$$!

And it’s already got a guess-timated valuation of $20,000 from an “Antiques Roadshow” authority!

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Said My Malibu Spy: “The lady who snagged this Hollywood prize, Malibu resident Jerri Churchill, wandered into a local estate sale she hadn’t known was for the late Carroll O’Connor.

“Jerri told me, ‘My dad was a big O’Connor fan, so I decided to buy him clothes as they’re the same size. Randomly reaching, I grabbed four jackets!’

“Immediately taking her plaid prize to her fave ‘Antiques’ program, she was bowled over by their estimate!”

The kicker to this bizarre Bunker Bonanza? Ms. Churchill may actually donate her historic find to the Smithsonian, where we can all be “All in the Family” again — and gaze at Archie’s prize up close!