Mike Walker

Angelina Jolie Cut From ‘Frankenstein’ For Kristen Stewart

Producers get salty over A-list star's endless delays!

angelina jolie kristen stewart bride frankenstein
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Mike Walker Reports …  Raising unholy hell even before her maiden bridezilla bang in “Bride of Frankenstein,” sexy ghoul Angelina Jolie will not be donning the double-skunk-striped wig made famous by Elsa Lanchester in the 1935 classic.

Angie — who scored the role based on her betwitching Disney villainess “Maleficent” — ended up getting her magnificent ass ignored by producers pissed at her witchy-bitchy behavior.

Now the moviemakers are woo-wooing sexy li’l vampire Kristen Stewart, star of the smash-hit “Twilight” films!

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Snitched My Monster Bitch: “The ‘Frankenstein’ bosses hated that A-lister Angie — endlessly creating monster delays over minor production, script and scheduling conflicts — obviously wasn’t dying for the part!

“She’d been attached to play ‘The Bride’ for ages, but execs suddenly rebelled at her witchiness, so now they’re bloodthirsty to sign young Kristen to flap her sexy cape at ‘Frankenstein’ front-runner Javier Bardem — and mooning about making millions from her panting ‘Twilight’ vampire fan freaks!”

Yaaarghhh! You horrible little bloodsucker! Watch this vampire vamp!