Amy Poehler Previews New comedy LIVE For Cheering Diners!


Here’s one of those only-in-Gollywood moments: “Parks and Recreation” star AMY POEHLER had diners at Hugo’s eatery in Studio City cracking up as she and a male pal (eyewitnesses thought it mighta been her brother Greg, the actor/comedian/writer who’s in a new sitcom they’re producing) started reading from a comedy script aloud — and Amy got so carried away she stood up and literally started delivering lines like real cameras were rolling! 

Said a source: “Diners began laughing hysterically — and Amy abruptly realized she had a live audience.  Hearing the reaction, she stopped her reading and asked everyone, ‘So…do you guys think the lines are funny?’ Everyone shouted, ‘YES!’ — then gave her a wild round of applause.

Amy, grinning ear to ear, turned to her male co-star and said, ‘Well. I guess we don’t need to rewrite these lines!’ Then, bowing to her fans she yelled, ‘THANKS, EVERYBODY!’”