Multiple sclerosis-stricken JACK OSBOURNE’s keeping the pressure up – publicly slamming NBC for kicking him out of a promised slot on the reality show “Stars Earn Stripes” – but he’s urging enraged Momma Bear SHARON OSBOURNE not to quit her judging job on “America’s Got Talent” for two reasons:

(1) It’s a great gig that nets her million$$; and

(2) he’s terrified she’ll invade his happy home and mother him to death!

“As bad as Jack’s prognosis is, Sharon’s got to realize that fretting over her son can actually make matters worse,” said a friend.

“Doctors tell Jack that as he battles MS, it’s crucial to keep his stress level low – but that’s hard in his crazy family. Sharon’s stressing him out with her grandstanding play to quit the hit TV show, and he keeps telling her not to fall on her sword for his sake.”

Jack, who shares a happy home with fiancee LISA STELLY and their new baby, “fears Sharon will be underfoot constantly and trying to baby him if she has more time on her hands,” said the friend.

“He’s coping just fine on his own with his little family”