GUESS WHO? brings you top secret tidbits about your favorite celebrities. The information is so salacious we can’t reveal the identities of the stars involved!

THIS pop princess, who now has a reality TV gig, is putting on a brave face for the cameras, but behind the scenes she’s a depressed and lonely mess. The poor girl won’t socialize with the rest of the cast, and when the cameras aren’t rolling, she locks herself in her dressing room until she’s needed. Who is she?

 WHICH former runway model, now a designer and reality star, has dropped so much weight that whispers of an eating disorder have become louder than her abrasive personality? The leggy brunette and mom of three’s shocking appearance at a recent event even prompted her ex-hubby to ask if she was OK.

WHICH talented Hollywood actor/writer/producer – he’s half of a popular award-winning duo – has checked himself into rehab? The gifted funnyman has been open about dabbling in drugs, but it was his relationship with a hard-partying stripper that helped him hit rock bottom real fast!

 THIS young power couple stopped by a famous Las Vegas wedding chapel with plans to get hitched, but they got cold feet at the last minute! It seems clear heads prevailed when the two saw the line of drunk revelers waiting to wed – and they wanted no part of it! Who are they?