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Guess Who? brings you top secret tidbits about your favorite celebrities.

The information is so salacious we can’t reveal the identities of the stars involved!

 WHAT late ’70s, early ’80s sitcom star went to his grave with a huge secret surrounding the mystery of Natalie Wood’s death? The legendary character actor didn’t want to get involved in the case, but he wasn’t shy about sharing what he knew about that fateful night Natalie drowned off the coast of Catalina Island!

WHICH Oscar-winning actress caught her then-husband in the middle of a steamy gay encounter with his film’s young American co-star? The British couple separated soon after filming ended and divorced two years later. The couple has since remarried, but the young stud has never wed. Who are they?

WHICH pop star/actress has been feuding with her musician hubby about where to spend the Christmas holidays? The blonde songstress almost choked on her sugar cone at a Beverly Hills ice cream shop as she ranted and raved to her mom about being “sick and tired” of her husband’s whining ways!

THIS female star of a new hit sitcom cut off her long blonde locks after another huge fight with her husband. And she’s been crying the blues to her fellow co-stars that her once-happy marriage is totally on the rocks! Who is she?

WHAT former Hollywood couple’s kids have rallied their famous dad to intervene in their mother’s no-so-subtle deterioration? The children are worried sick that their celeb mom’s personal problems have taken a bigger health toll than she’s ready to admit – and they believe dad is the only one who can save her!