Still sexy ex-BOND girl unleashes full fathom diva attack in a scream showdown with hubby 4! PLUS: Grammy winner weird weird A-list impersonation fetish!

WHICH still-gorgeous, 60-something star – a former Bond girl – got into a HUGE screaming match over the phone with her husband at a recent Washington, D.C., political function? The actress, who’s on hubby No. 4, was so loud that other guests at the event stopped and stared before she stormed off!

THIS Grammy-winning musician gets such a kick out of impersonating a certain A-list star that he actually poses for photos with the actor’s fans AND signs his autograph! The sleazy singer likes to be a bigger jerk than usual when people mistake him for “Mr. Movie Star” – and even undertips on restaurant and bar bills in the hope that the media will pick up the story!

WHAT hunky actor’s wife isn’t so happy that her hubby – who is long rumored to be gay or at least bisexual – has reunited “professionally” with a former longtime boyfriend? The multitalented star had cooled it for a while, but his ex begged the movie star to let him back into his life!

WHAT actor/writer-turned-director has been texting and e-mailing a photo of his passed out, NAKED ex-girlfriend to pals? The former medical drama star has a sick sense of humor and actually placed leftover food on the nude girl’s body before he snapped the pic.