Shocking Find!

Tom Hanks Celebrates Anniversary With Digging Up Diamond Ring

Oscar winner charms wife with romantic stunt!

tom hanks rita wilson marriage

Tom Hanks celebrated his 62nd birthday with ravishing wife Rita Wilson — and literally left no stone un-turned when it came to A-list romance!

The pair vacationed in the Greek Isles (Rita’s favorite place on the planet) aboard a luxury yacht where the 30-years-married twosome acted like love-starved honeymooners.

“While exploring rocky Antiparos, Tom dramatically gasped he’d found something very special — then produced a dazzling diamond ring he’d stashed in a pocket before the excursion,” an island spy snickered

Tom Hanks Ready To Walk Meg Down The Aisle!

The sneaky Oscar winner had planned the entire undercover escapade, expertly arranging his big surprise down to the very last delicious detail,” the source continued.

“It was like an epic big-screen love scene; Rita was swooning! Then Tom topped it off, saying: ‘Being married to you is the greatest gift of all time!’”

Who wouldn’t get swept off their feet by this “Cast Away” hunk!