Actress Jennifer Beals, best known as the star of the hit 80s movie Flashdance, was almost cast as Agent Scully on the FOX series, “X-Files.”

The actress revealed to Fox that she and “X-Files” star David Duchovny were chums at Yale University where he pursued her romantically.

“He used to follow me around and ask me for dates,” said the actress. “I used to say, A) I don’t know who you are. And B) I’m living with someone, so I think that’s a problem. And then I go to this acting class in New York and who’s in it? David ‘the stalker’ Duchovny! I shouldn’t call him a stalker. Then he and I became scene partners, and then we became friends! He’s a very funny guy!”

Years later, Duchovny recommended her to producers to play Dana Scully on the hit FOX series, but she turned down the part.

The actress disclosed that she wasn’t a maniac for turning down the role because the toll of playing the same character over and over again would have eventually gotten to her.

“They asked me to do that show,” Beals told FOX NEWS. “But I didn’t get it. I still don’t get it. With all due respect for the fans, I couldn’t imagine doing it every day. I mean, I think their acting is very good, but I couldn’t do it. To adhere yourself to a part for seven years like that, I would have a nervous breakdown. I’ve never seen the show. But I think Gillian Anderson is amazing, and so beautiful.”

Currently the 38-year-old actress will be starring in the new Alan Cummings film The Anniversary Party.