Hunk On Wheels!

Ryan Gosling Dreaming Of La-La Roller Rink

Pals perplexed by stud's eccentric vision quest!

ryan gosling eva mendes roller rink

Ryan Gosling, who feared he’d suffered brain damage filming his next flick “First Man,” is fast-pitching live-in baby mama Eva Mendes this loony “La La Land” idea: building their own multimillion-dollar roller rink!

“The couple was at a pal’s dinner party when Ryan started ranting like an excited kid about his unusual plan,” a chum eye-rolled to The National ENQUIRER.

“He has a dream of owning his own rink, where he and Eva, their kids, friends and family can skate to their hearts’ content, in total privacy.”

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But Eva “thinks the idea is utterly daft — and a waste of money to boot!

She’s determined to talk him out of it.” Killjoy!