Sean “Puffy” Combs told jurors Thursday that he thought he was being shot at when gunfire erupted at Club New York back in December 1999.

“My hands were up,” Puffy said from the witness stand. “I started to go down. Everybody started falling all over each other.

“I had felt the shots were for me. As fast as I could get down there, I was just trying to get away from danger.”

Puffy testified that he and his entourage were leaving the club when the shots rang out, right after he encountered a man (Matthew “Scar” Allen) who was “mouthing off” at him.

Combs was quickly ushered out of the club and was separated from former girlfriend Jennifer Lopez during the melee, according to his testimony.

Puffy also denied offering driver Wardell Fenderson a $50,000 ring to take the rap for the gun possession charge.