According to the New York Post’s Page Six column, Puffy gave members of a wedding party more than an eyeful when they sat down to a dinner reception at a Miami hotel.

The dinner was held at the Shore Club Hotel, right next door to Puffy’s penthouse in South Beach.

When guests noticed Puffy peeking out from behind his vertical blinds, they started cheering, wanting him to show himself — and show himself he did.

Page Six reports that “Puffy started peeling off his clothes behind the blinds while dancing to the music in his room, and throwing them onto the balcony.”

“He was still standing behind the blinds, but there was so much wolf-whistling and cheering that he stepped onto the balcony completely naked with just his hand covering his crotch.”

Do we have to tell you what came next? Yes, the hand dropped — and all the glory that is Puff Daddy was visible to the newlyweds and all their guests for one shining moment before he went back inside.

There were no hard feelings, however. Puffy got dressed and went over to the reception, shaking hands with the groom. One witness described the experience as “funny as hell.”