Prison Creep Bill Cosby Covers Cell With Pics of TV Babes

Former funnyman swaps noodles for nudes!

Bill Cosby Covers Cell With Pics of TV Babes
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Imprisoned sex creep Bill Cosby has been trading snacks for posters of his favorite babes to paper his cell walls, spies snitched to The National ENQUIRER.

The horny 81-year-old — who until recently claimed he was legally blind — has been collecting pictures of Kris Jenner, Megan Fox and Duchess Meghan to decorate his cell.

Mr. Cosby asked one of his inmate assistants to help him obtain photographs or art to bring life to his ‘dorm,’ ” a recently released inmate dished to The ENQUIRER. “Typically, inmates ask for weapons, electronics or drugs — so his request was quite easy.”

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On Sept. 25, 2018, Cosby arrived at Pennsylvania’s SCI Phoenix, which is considered one of the toughest maximum-security prisons ever built and is packed with killers, rapists and violent gang members.

For protection, Cosby, now inmate NN7687, has befriended a dangerous pair of thugs — “Bugs,” a member of the Pagans biker gang with an extensive rap sheet dating back two decades, and “King Tut,” a notorious Philadelphia drug lord.

“Bugs gave him magazine clippings of icons like Beyoncé, Meghan Markle and Kris Jenner. He really likes Meghan, but he’s mad at her for marrying Harry,” a well-placed source told The ENQUIRER.

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The source claimed Cosby — who was sentenced to three to ten years for sexual assault — isn’t happy with Meghan’s marriage to Britain’s Prince Harry, telling his prison pals: “What a waste of a beautiful woman to go off and marry a rotten royal. It’s a real shame.”

Cosby’s spokesperson, Andrew Wyatt, denied claims the disgraced comic is hoarding sexy pics, but prison officials confirmed he does not have access to Cosby’s cell.