The wedding of ex-Beatle Paul McCartney and former model Heather Mills was held in an Irish castle on Tuesday with about 300 guests in attendance.

The bride wore a lace dress of her own design, helped by two London designers, but with no help from McCartney’s daughter, designer Stella.

The estimated $3 million wedding also featured a fireworks display and a vegetarian Indian banquet. After all, “this is being held by one of the world’s most famous vegetarians,” said McCartney spokesman Geoff Baker. However there was booze — Baker added that although the meal would be vegetarian, it would also be “very liquid and alcoholic.”

“It’s a rock ‘n’ roll wedding.”

Of course, a wedding would not be a wedding without the obligatory snag in plans.

According to reports, the ceremony had to be delayed by about a half an hour because a low-flying helicopter appeared hovering low over the church just when the bride was approaching. “It is said to have left a bad taste in the mouth,” said CNN reporter Richard Quest.

Indian and Celtic music by British musician Chinmaya Dunster was played for the guests at the between the service and dinner. Cell phones were strictly prohibited.

“There are elaborate decorations in the marquee, including Indian silks and luxurious cushions,” said Dunster. “It is sort of like a chill-out lounge at a dance party.”

The couple will spend the night in the castle’s Red Room, said to be haunted by the castle’s former owner.