According to autopsy results released earlier this week, Maurice Gibb of the Bee Gees suffered from a twisted small intestine that restricted blood flow to his bowels, called ischemic enteropathy.

The report also states that Gibb was born with the condition, and that it is possible he might not have known about it. Dr. Jeffrey Raskin, interim chief of gastroenterology at the University of Miami medical school, who was not involved in treating Gibb, says that “people [with this condition] can live to middle age with no symptoms. They can have minor problems off and on. Or, they can present on the first time with a catastrophic event, as it seems in this case.”

“It can lead to a cardiovascular collapse and possibly could have contributed to the cardiac arrest,” he added.

Maurice suffered a cardiac arrest prior to undergoing surgery for intestinal blockage, and his brothers, Robin and Barry, have questioned the hospital’s decision to operate so soon after the episode. There has been no comment from the hospital.