Fantastic Plastic!

Jane Fonda Serves Up Her Nip/Tuck Secrets

Eighty-year-old beauty tells pals what Megyn wanted to hear!

jane fonda plastic surgery secrets

Jane Fonda is not that fond-a nosy, heavy-hitting Megyn Kelly, who ruffled her feathers during that cringeworthy face-off interview on “Today.”

Motor-mouth Meg had the chutzpah to ask about plastic surgery and launched a ferociously famous face-lift feud!

But Jane, 80, sure opened up like a butterfly when two sweet ol’ yentas sitting next to her at a BevHills breakfast counter asked about personal nip/tuck tricks.

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“When the gals complimented Jane on her beautiful, flawless face, the actress happily rattled off all her beauty secrets,” said a stool pigeon.

“She even gave the ladies a referral to her favorite plastic surgeon!”