Hollywood is feeling the effects of Tuesday’s terrorist attacks against New York and Washington D.C. and responding by canceling or postponing some of its major events.

The Second Annual Latin Grammy Awards have been canceled, with no plans to reschedule the event.

“It’s over,” said Barb Deeghan show spokeswoman. “That’s it. It’s cancelled.” The show was to be hosted by Christina Aguilera, with performances by Carlos Santana and Destiny’s Child. The show would have been broadcast to over 120 countries.

The 2001 Emmy Awards has been postponed indefinitely with no word as to when or if the show will be rescheduled. “We are watching this national tragedy unfold on television with everyone else with the deepest sadness,” says a statement from the Academy, “out of respect to the victims, their families and fellow citizens.”

“We will set no new date until we find out the extent of this tragedy and the national mourning that’s going to take place,” said Jim Chabin, president of the Academy.

Hollywood’s biggest movie studios were closed for the day, sending all staff home. Studio execs are postponing the release of some movies due to the terrorist attacks, and production for several movies has been halted.

“Out of respect for the tragedy, we’re closing the studio,” said Warner Bros. Spokeswoman Barbara Brogliatti. “It’s not out of fear.”

Both Madonna and Janet Jackson canceled yesterday’s concerts — Madonna’s in LA, and Jackson’s in Florida. “We’re in lock-down mode and on high security,” said a representative for the Madonna concert.

Additional closings on Tuesday included Walt Disney World in Florida and Disney Land in California. Both parks will be reopened on Wednesday.