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Fashion & Morals Cops Bust Celine Dion

Much ado about kooky songbird's gender-free duds!

celine dion kids clothing scandal
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Celine Dion announced a new clothing line for kids with a bizarre Instagram video showing her getting tackled and cuffed by police — but nobody expected the Spanish Inquisition!

Celine’s latest project, Celinununu, promises “gender neutral clothing for little humans with freedom of mind” to “inspire your children to find their own individuality.”

The viral video drew widespread attention in conservative media, with FOX News host Laura Ingraham likening the clothing on air to something dreamed up by the anarchist group Antifa.

Celine Dion Starts Her Surprising New Life!

A Roman Catholic pastor in Pennsylvania, Monsignor John Esseff, went a step further, labeling the campaign “definitely satanic.”

The fashion-crazy mom of three already shills adult T-shirts and hand-bags in collections bearing her name.