Maurice Gibb, bass and keyboard player for the Bee Gees, died earlier this week after emergency surgery for an intestinal blockage.

Gibb was admitted to Mount Sinai Medical Center four days before, and suffered a cardiac arrest before the surgery was performed. Family members are now questioning whether Gibb should have been operated on so soon after the episode.

“We believe mistakes were made and time was wasted,” said Maruice’s twin brother Robin Gibb in an interview with the BBC.

“We’re both devastated,” said Robin, speaking for himself and brother Barry Gibb. “We’ve actually been in shock for the last few days since Maurice was taken ill, and so this has all gone too fast for us. It’s like a nightmare that you wake up to every day. That’s all we can say. It’s just devastating. It’s going to take a long time even just for it to sink in.”

The Bee Gees — short for The Brothers Gibb — sold more than 110 million records, earning them the fifth place in pop music sales behind Elvis, the Beatles, Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney. The group’s 1977 album “Saturday Night Fever” sold over 40 million copies, making it the best selling movie soundtrack ever, and they have won seven Grammy Awards as well as a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.