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50 Cent Confronted By Supermarket Granny

Disapproval reported in aisle 9!

50 cent power supermarket old lady
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50 Cent, the rapper-turned-actor who plays a ruthless drug lord in the gritty Starz series “Power,” got nasty stink-eye sneers ’n’ snarls from a perturbed elderly lady, who let the physically imposing six-footer, also known as Curtis James Jackson III, have her two cents worth at the grocery store!

The “I’ll Whip Ya Head Boy” singer “was grabbing a loaf of bread off a shelf when the itty-bitty biddy shook a scolding finger right in his famous face,” a pal told The National ENQUIRER.

“Fiddy was shook, wondering ‘what in the world did I do wrong,’” the friend reported.

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“Then [he] realized his vicious TV character, Kanan Starks, had murdered an old woman on the show!

“Granny apparently did not approve!”