Heroes Of The Amtrak Wreckage

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Amid the remains of Amtrak Train No. 188, The National ENQUIRER has identified numerous tales of selfless heroism.

After the crash, Lyndhurst, N.J., police officer Michael Keane checked on his fiancée then began tending to the stricken.

“He saved our lives, and he saved many other people’s lives, disregarding his own because he went back into that train and started helping people,” said fellow passenger Paul Passamano.

“It’s my job. That’s what I’m put on this planet to do,” Michael responded.

Michael was returning home from Washington, D.C., after participating in a bicycle ride on behalf of police who perished in the line of duty.

There are also reports of an unidentified barefoot man who joined Michael in helping the wounded escape the train’s twisted metal and live electrical wires.

“I feel lucky to be alive,” passenger Jeff Kutler, 62, said. “I feel terrible about the people who died.”