Crime paid handsomely for the world’s best jewel thief – but now he’s finally been caught!

Despite elaborate alarms, fences and mansion walls, Alan Golder broke in and robbed the rich and famous while they were lounging at home, never suspecting a thing, say police.

His victims included Johnny Carson and the Kennedy family, according to authorities.

The dashing daredevil raided the homes of super-rich victims as they sat eating dinner. He reasoned, correctly, that high-tech alarms would be off because his targets were home – and that they would be distracted by food and conversation. His MO earned him the nickname “The Dinnertime Bandit.”

Clad in black like a Ninja warrior, Golder climbed walls to upperfloor windows before tiptoeing to hiding places.

Like Cary Grant in the movie classic To Catch a Thief, Golder oozed class. The charismatic thief talked his way into parties of the rich and famous where he could ogle jewelry and decide which luxurious homes to burglarize.

Often with a beautiful woman draped on his arm, he became a regular at ultra-expensive nightspots – and counted rocker Rod Stewart and comedian John Belushi among his pals, say sources.

He is accused of robbing homes in Beverly Hills, Palm Beach and New York’s affluent Westchester County.