TWO women have now come forward to charge that Bill Cosby drugged and molested them — and The ENQUIRER has exclusive interviews with both of his accusers! The Canadian woman who recently filed a complaint saying Cosby sexually molested her last year slammed the claim Cosby reportedly made that their encounter was “consensual.” “I know what he did. He knows what he did,” the woman told The ENQUIRER in her Toronto-area home. And while Cosby has denied that he drugged and molested her, she insisted: “Everything will come to light and the truth will be known.” In another blockbuster ENQUIRER interview, Shawn Upshaw — the woman who had an affair with Bill Cosby that led to a “love child” scandal — said she’s not surprised by the Canadian woman’s allegations ” because she says he did the same thing to her! Cosby gave her a “strange” drink that knocked her out, and she “woke up in the morning knowing I’d had sex during my sleep,” said Shawn, whom Cosby admitted to bedding in the 1970s. The issue that goes on sale Friday features the two women’s emotional interviews. Shawn Upshaw reveals never-before-told details about her affair with Cosby. The Canadian woman also explains why she waited before coming forward with her allegations.

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