By Jim Nelson

Philandering wife-and-baby murderer Scott Peterson is obsessed with killing himself, The National Enquirer can reveal. “I want to die!” Peterson told a prison psychiatrist, according to a police source.

After spending a year on San Quentin prison’s death row following his conviction for killing pregnant wife Laci and their unborn son Conner, Peterson would rather take his own life than let the state of California — or some other inmate — do it for him, the source says.

According to the insider, Peterson, 33, has become “a pathetic basket case” since arriving at San Quentin last March 17, with both his hands and legs shackled. A day before, a judge had affirmed the death sentence for the former fertilizer salesman from Modesto following California’s most highly-publicized criminal trial since the O.J. Simpson case.

At a cost to taxpayers of $4 million, jurors in Redwood City, Calif., returned a death penalty verdict against Peterson, finding him guilty of killing Laci, pictured, and Conner. Peterson, who was having an affair with blonde massage therapist Amber Frey behind his wife’s back, dumped Laci’s body in San Francisco Bay on Christmas Eve 2002.

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