Runaway bride Jennifer Wilbanks has run back to her fiancé — and sources say she has promised to marry him after all.

Relatives of John Mason remain dead-set against him wedding 32-year-old Jennifer, who sparked a national manhunt when she disappeared before their original nuptials in April.

But The National Enquirer has learned that she told friends of her plans to walk down the aisle and even set up a bridal registry at a Pottery Barn store.

Although the actual date remained a closely-held secret, at the time of going to press Jennifer and John were believed due to tie the knot on August 12.

Wilbanks reportedly set up a registry at a Pottery Barn in Norcross, Ga., in advance of the planned nuptials, which she later denied. Store employees, however, reported seeing Jennifer at their outlet.

Wilbanks went missing four days before her long-planned wedding to Mason last April. The bride-to-be told her fiancé she was going out for a jog — and then took off on a Greyhound Bus.

When located by police, she concocted a tale about being abducted and sexually assaulted. She later recanted her story and said she had a case of “cold feet.”

Wilbanks was charged with giving false information to police and sentenced to two years of probation and 120 hours of community service.

Mason initially said he wanted to marry Wilbanks, despite the jilting and blockbuster revelations dug up by The National Enquirer. We found that Wilbanks had a history of jilting lovers — and even had a criminal record.

We revealed in May that Wilbanks had also dumped fiancés — both in cold-hearted phone calls.

She Wilbanks also was arrested three times for shoplifting — and served two weekends in jail in 1998.

Sammy Smith, a spokesman for the Masons’ church in Gainesville, said that Wilbanks is claiming there was to be no wedding on August 12.

In addition, said Smith: “She told our local media that the wedding registry posting was an error.”