A deeply depressed O.J. Simpson has become addicted to the dangerous painkiller OxyContin, say sources.

Reeling from the sudden shelving of his controversial new book – which the publisher called his murder confession – the disgraced football star has plummeted into a hellhole of heavy boozing, drug abuse and insane jealousy, confide insiders.

“O.J.’s life has become one big crisis since the book was cancelled,” an insider told The ENQUIRER. “He’s bingeing on booze and has become addicted to the painkiller.

“On top of that, he smokes a lot of marijuana and often does cocaine. All of it sets him off into rages at everyone around him.”

The plug was pulled on O.J.’s book “If I Did It” amid a storm of public outrage that he would get rich off committing murder.

Although he received $2 million up front for the scrapped project, the former gridiron great is wallowing in misery.

The ridicule and embarrassment has sent Simpson reeling – raging at his children and paranoid that his live-in girlfriend Christie Prody might be cheating on him, say sources.

Simpson was prescribed OxyContin – the same powerful drug Rush Limbaugh fell victim to – when he had his knee replaced several months ago, insiders say.

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